Getting Close

I am a writer and author. I tootle about on several blogs, WordPress being my most recent endeavor. I am also in the process of writing several novels. Riding a Bus in Mexico is about a young woman trying to live an authentic life – whatever that is. During a five week adventure through Mexico, Peri not only discovers a beautiful country and people, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, and one that does not include her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Joe. Question: Now that she is emerging into the person she knows she was meant to be, her struggle to give Joe the ‘Dear John’ speech two thousand miles from home tugs at her found awareness. Does she continue to play the ‘happy couple game’ another three weeks or does she take Shakespeare’s advice – “To Thine own self be true”?

Love All Around You is about a man’s quest to bring the addicted to sobriety, and to help them realize their potentials when living drug and alcohol free. What makes this story unique is that Cloyce knows his calling, and what he is to accomplish, when only a small child. 

Riding a Bus in Mexico and Love All Around You, are both based in fact. Tidbits include real life experiences but with a fictional flair, so as to protect those that want to see their story in print, but not necessarily their names.

The Knights of Goldenway is purely fiction and told in flashback. While hiking, Grey Knight, finds himself struggling to keep alive during a white-out storm. Through the haze of blowing snow and ice, he thinks he sees a cabin, and that is where this adventure, and a love story begins.

A Retelling of Tales Once Told But With A Twist, is rated PG-13. The first of three books in series will be published and ready for sale by early 2014. One poem, “Go Red!” is one I hope you will enjoy.

Go Red!

A Basket Weaved Willow

Cloaked in Linen Soft.

The Handle, Dotted Daisies,

To Shroud Delicious Waft.

With Copper Bell Attached to Note,

Another Tucked Astride,

The Directive Read And Clearly Said,

“Protect the Feast Inside.”

For Grandmother, Deliver This

Is Best For Her To Fill,

One Tin of Scones, Lavender,

And a Pickle Sprinkled With Dill.

Apples and Cream

Blueberry Torts,

She Will Dine Like a Queen,

Sip Tea of All Sorts.

Two Canisters of Spread, Butter and Biscuits,

Stay On The Path, And Watch For That Misfit.

Raspberry Jam and Blackberry Preserves,

Your Grandmother’s Waiting, She Surely Deserves.


With Hand Clutched to Handle,

And Cape Clasped to Hood,

Her Path Chosen to Follow,

Meander Through Wood.

Fixed Upon Her Journey,

On Trail Lined Paper Birch,

She Sauntered Without Worry,

Far Beyond Her Ornate Church.

She Found No Need to Scurry,

The Day Was Young and Bright,

Her Gate Was None of Hurry,

Grandmother’s House Not Yet In Sight.

Plump Leafed Olives Under Elms,

In Shadows Aspen Glow,

Red Determined Quickly,

He Called, Again, Her Foe?


“I See You Have A Basket Pet,

And Clutching It With Care,

Red, You Are So Beautiful, I Plead,

Engage Me, One So Fair.”

Red With a Twirl, Her Light Auburn Hair,

Flaunted A Glimpse, a Wink, and a Stare.

She Saw His Desire And What He Sought Most,

It Wasn’t The Basket, Its Contents, The Roast.

“Why Mister, Your Eyes, Your Ears And Your Teeth,

My Skirts, Wilt Not Show Thee What Lies Underneath.”

His Smile, Grinned Slowly, He Held Out His Hand,

She Danced Toward His Gesture, And Gave Him Command.

Red With Some Query, Curiosity, No Dread,

Found Danny Wolf Scrumptious And Easy To Bed.

Her Romp Through The Woods Proved Glorious, Grand,

But Now Off To Grandmother’s For Where She Had Planned.


With Crumbs Spread About and Grandmother Happy,

Danny Wolf, Near, Sauntered, Looked Strappy.

Red With Excuses Made Leave Of Quite Haste,

Her Night So Forthcoming Would Not Be In Chaste.

Grandmother, Wise, Knew Red’s Aim and Goal,

Why She’d Known Danny Wolf’s Granddad,

Right Down To His Soul.

Grand Winked And She Blinked, “That Wolf’s Quite a Lad.

His Grandfather Before Yours, I Stayed At His Pad.”

Red, Listened to Grandma, To and Fro, Tell,

How Danny Wolf’s Granddad Danced Really Swell.

With Hint Of Love Gone, Shared Stories, Glass of Wine,

Grandma Gazed Afar With Memories So Fine,

But Stopped With Her Telling, Her Memory Not Dead,

Red’s Grandmother, Wise Woman…Some Things Left Better Unsaid…







































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